Why should I go to the Get Well Clinic?

If you feel like you should seek medical care for a minor illness, Get Well Health Clinic is for you. Our Walk-in Clinic prides itself on its ability to offer quality medical services at your convenience and at low cost for patients paying cash.

Is the Walk-in Clinic an Urgent Care or Emergency Room?
No, we consider ourselves a Minor Care Health Clinic.  The difference is that we have limited the scope of problems we care for to those common complaints which we can address for a low cost to the patient. For example treatment of Blood pressure, diabetes management, thyroid disease, and urinary discomfort.

Can I come to your clinic if I have insurance.

Yes.  You will find that you will pay the same price at most doctors offices even with insurance. Most insurance co-pays will be $25-$50 at your primary care physician.   Many Obama care plans will not pay for your office visit until you met a very high deductible. If you want to be seen TODAY so that you can get back to work or school we are here for you.

I saw your website on FreeClinic.com. Do you provide Free services or testing?

No. The minimum fee to be seen is $60. This office visit fee does not include ANY lab testing, or procedures such as removal of foreign bodies, suturing, or incision and drainage.  The prices for these procedures are given to you during the visit and you can decide if you want to purchase them.

I just lost my insurance and can not afford a regular doctors appointment. Can I be seen?

We offer affordable prices no matter what your income is.  Several of our patients are insured but see us for minor emergencies because we are fast, friendly, and affordable. Our prices do not change based on your income.  We Are Not A Free Clinic, nor do we charge based on a sliding scale. Patients looking for free services can dial 211 from their phone and receive free and confidential services that find local resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


How can we charge so much less than Emergency Room and Urgent Care centers?

Get Well Health Clinic is staffed by Practitioners trained in primary healthcare. We limit our scope of practice to those common conditions, in patients 2 years and older, that can be diagnosed and treated with only a few simple tests, and in a short period of time. This allows the Walk-in Clinic to avoid much of the overhead costs that other facilities incur.
What type of payment does the Walk-in Clinic accept?

Get Well Clinic accepts cash, or debit/credit cards. Payment is expected at time of service.

Do you accept Medicaid?

Not at this time. Get Well Clinic accepts cash, check, or debit/credit cards. Payment is expected at time of service.


What kind of costs could I expect if my problem was more complex and I paid cash for my visit?

Typically for more complex problems the office visit fees will be between $60.00 and $140.00 if paid at the time of service with cash, or credit card.


What kind of problems would be considered higher complexity?
The Following Problems are higher complexity and may be seen by our Family Practice Physician if available.  They are specifically excluded from the Minor Care fee schedule:  Chest pain, Undiagnosed/New headaches, Abdominal pain, Nausea/Vomiting in small children, Children less than 2 years of age, Eye Trauma, Foreign body in the eye or corneal abrasion, Lacerations, Uncontrolled Blood pressure, Uncontrolled Diabetes, Blood disorders, Anemia, Work/insurance/special adult physical forms, Complex problems initially presenting as minor problems.